General Problem Treatment with Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient & natural system of medicine, healing the root-cause of illness and purifying body, mind, & soul .Its focus covers health, career, relationships & spiritual life with herbs, nutrition, aromas, yoga, mantras, life-purpose & many more other aspects of life & nature.


Weight Loss package: We have herbal food supplements tablets which is Natural herbal way to remove excess fats. These key ingredients interact with the body's natural process of metabolism. The kreb's cycle prevents the fats to form and cuts the fats in the human body and keeps the body slim-trim 

Hair Fall Treatment: Hair fall is a common problem amongst almost people of all ages- men and women. Almost 50% people do have hair fall problem , but just a few of them do pay attention to it and those who do, out of them only a fraction does take a remedial action to find its solution. Hair fall has become a very common problem in India in past few decades, in the early stage the density tends to go low but on a later stage it forms a U-pattern which in turn gives a bald look to person. Moreover its not only confined to males but even female baldness is also becoming prevalent (which according to researches is more difficult to be treated).

Joint Pain: Joint pain is a very common problem prevailing in almost every part of this developing world. It is basically symptom and not a disease. But has eventually become a part of every bodies life especially aged people. Joint pain may also be defined as the inflammation or the bursa (a fluid filled space that provides couching to the structure of the joint) and is also known as bursitis.

Weight Gain: This package is aimed at strengthening the body and making the constitution more robust. Based on the Prakruti analysis, a treatment will be devised and medicines will be administered to improve digestion, affect metabolic activity and improve the absorption of nutrients from food.

Alcohol addiction: . The Ayurveda herbal medicine for Alcohol addiction is safe and has no side effects. It can be given in any food with or without the knowledge of the patient. The medicinal powder can be sprinkled on Cooked foods, Curries, Sweets, Desserts, Fruit juices, Tea, Coffee, Complain, Horlicks, Boost etc. exclusively for the patient. The result depends upon the alcohol dependency in his body, where this medicine slowly setbacks the addiction. As per the alcohol dependency the results varies from patient to patient.

Treatment For Piles: Piles is a very painful and awkward condition in which there is so much uneasiness in the body that a person suffering from it is even unable to sit properly. This condition may be accompanied by blood loss from anal region or may be without blood. In the condition of piles, there is a development of a pile mass on the anal region that hinders the proper evacuation of the stools and also causes pains and distress to the person while evacuating stools. There are many complications if the piles are not treated properly.

Diabetes:  When blood glucose level is higher than normal but not high enough for a diagnosis of TYPE-II Diabetes. This period may vary from few months to 2-3 years. 50% of people are unaware about their Diabetic condition. This is a time when a person can easily choose an effective Diabetes management , preferably a herbal way before its going to be too late……

Acidity Problem : Digestive acid which is created by stomach is essential in digestive process. But when this acid is produced in excess it creates problem which is normally known as acidity. When the gastric juice is released in abundant quantity, it is known as Gastric Hyperacidity. There can be several reasons behind acidity/hyper acidity.

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