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Best Sexologist in India – Best Solutions for your Sexual Concerns

Premature Ejaculations

A type of sexual inability when a male partner can’t keep firm erection during sexual intercourse. It may be a sign or physical or psychological condition can cause low self-confidence, and stress.

Erectile Dysfunction

This phenomenon occurs when a man ejaculates at the start of sexual intercourse. It is indicative of a lack of sexual experience rather than an illness.


The most common sexual issue is infertility, which prevents an individual or couple from conceiving naturally. This may become more prevalent as one ages.

Dr Sheikh Dawakhana is No. 1 and most ancient Sexual Health Clinic in India

No. 1 Sexual Health Doctor in India

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The reason for this is that Dr.A.A.Sheikh, the chief physician of Dr.Sheikh dispensary, is a graduate G.A.M.S (Ayurvedacharya) and M.D. (TCM) DUM is Unani Physician. Dr. A. A. Sheikh has also received many national and international awards.Gold Medalist, Best Sexologist of India, Kohinoor A Tibb, Chitiksa Ratan,Has received many awards like Asia’s Best Ayurvedic, Sexual Health Clinic, Hakim Ajmal Khan Award, Manav Sewa Ratan, Pride of Country, Bharat ke ratan.
Dr. Sheikh prepares high quality medicines, bhasme, kushten, tila high quality medicines for his patients in his pharmacy. Our research institute Sahar Herbal Pharmacy is recognized byDepartment of AYUSH, Haryana, Government of India.Sahar Herbal Pharmacy is a GMP and ISO Certified Company. Which is a manufacturing house of pure Ayurvedic medicines. Where highly qualified Ayurvedacharyas do research and prepare high quality medicines.If you are troubled by secret diseases and are tired of getting treatment, then you can come to Sheikh dispensary and get yourself treated.

— About Dr AA Sheikh


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